Industries in which we work

We serve across many different markets for their specific technical challenges.

FPGA Development

FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate Arrays) are reprogrammable digital logic devices that allow users to implement custom logic circuits and digital systems. They have several characteristics. They are flexible, reconfigurable, highly performant due to their parallel processing architecture, customisable, and energy efficient. The short development and deployment time make them suitable for rapid prototyping and testing. They also allow creating customised hardware solutions tailored to specific needs.

We at Januko evaluate the needs of your application and help you determine if FPGAs are the right fit for your project. Furthermore, we provide expertise in FPGAs development in various industries and help you meet your product requirements.

Logic Verification

We at Januko are a team of experts on using Universal Verification Methodology (UVM) and Open Verification Methodology (OVM), Open Source VHDL Verification Methodlogy (OSVVM)

Hardware Design

Hardware components work together to enable the functioning and operation of a computer or electronic device. The process of hardware design refers to creating and implementing the physical components, circuits, and systems of computers or electronic devices. We help you design, develop, and integrate various hardware elements (microprocessors, memory units, and printed circuit boards). With your help and our experts, we create reliable, efficient, and functional hardware systems, which can perform your desired functions.

Embedded Software Development

Embedded Systems are integrated into various devices and systems we encounter in everyday life, including automobiles, appliances, medical devices, industry machinery and consumer electronics. They are specialised computer systems designed to perform specific tasks or functions. Embedded softwares are specifically developed to run on embedded systems, enabling them to perform the designated functions. Our team of experts, provides expertise in designing, developing and maintaining the software that runs on your systems. We work closely with hardware engineers and system designers to ensure that the software is compatible with the developed hardware.

Software Testing

Software testing is a crucial process in the development lifecycle that involves evaluating and assessing software applications to ensure they meet the desired requirements and perform as intended. Through a methodical approach, we help you identify defects, errors, or vulnerabilities in your software and also verify its functionality, reliability, performance, and security capabilities.
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